Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Pelabuhan Ratu Jalan Raya Cisololk
BVE Villa
Jalan Raya Cisolok Pelabuhan Ratu Beach
BEV Villa
Jalan Raya Cisolok Pelabuhan Ratu
BEV Villa
Jason Raya Cisolok Pelabuhan Ratu
BVE Villa
Jalan Raya Cisolok Pelabuhan Ratu
BVE Villa
Jalan Raya Cisolok Pelabuhan Ratu
BVE Villa

Puncak Pass West Java

Pariwisata Puncak Pass Bogor West Java Indonesia 🇮🇩
West Java – Indonesia

You True article readers, this is an area in the foothills, location in West Java Indonesia 🇮🇩 precisely in the city of Bogor. Every weekend, the area is full of visitors, and visitors from other cities. At this location for travel traffic is imposed Open-close the road (1 lane). Every time at 4:00 a.m., the visitors will be closed. So, if you want to visit you must come in the morning or earlier. ©2019 Artlife

Mumu (Cat) Life

Jakarta Violence against animals in Indonesia seems to be increasingly prevalent. Ironically, the perpetrators of violence seem to be proud of what they do. They uploaded sadistic photos of massacres on social media.

Take for example, torture photos of primates tied and invited to selfie. Then there is another, the slaughter of jungle cats allegedly carried out by female students at one of the colleges in Jember. Besides being sadistic, the animals are clearly categorized as protected animals.

Info at a glance, How many people don’t understand the Pet Protection Act. Following are the laws and threats of punishment that can be categorized as including protection of animals.

Practices of Violence in the Community: Including beatings, stabbing, strangulation, and disposal of animals

Criminal Code article 302; 406; 335; 170; 540. Maximum sentence of 12 years in prison. And there are still a number of other laws regarding the Protection of other Animals.

Now I telling about “Mumu” (Cat) Story.

My hope is that there will be no more useless human beings who do not want to understand the meaning of life and the legal meaning and articles about the persecution or murder of pets. And hopefully this article is useful for all of us. Enjoy your beautiful day with your family Everyone.

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Mothers Day

In fact, to love a mother, you don’t have to wait for the “World Mother’s Day” Celebration Day. One important reason is made so that everyone knows how important the role of a mother to carry out her daily tasks. Try to imagine when a woman gives birth to a child? What do you think ?. While there are still many articles we read about violence against women in the household environment, berating women, wasting women, beating, torturing up to murder case .. How uncomfortable the world is. What solution is chosen if this happens to you?!. I think there are still many important things besides showing violence to women. Enough you imagine a woman is your mother, your sister and your wife. Please Make your own detailed sentence, because you are a man, you are more powerful in thinking, acting fairly and respectfully.

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